Terms of service

1. Wherever the CONTSID toolbox has been utilized to generate results, which have then been used in any written report, it should be referenced using the text below: H. Garnier, M. Gilson, The CONTSID toolbox for Matlab, Centre de Recherche en Automatique de Nancy (CRAN), University of Lorraine, France, www.cran.univ-lorraine.fr/contsid.

2. The CONTSID toolbox is supplied in good faith and whilst all efforts have been made to assure that it is free from errors and bugs, the authors and University of Lorraine accept no liability for erroneous results obtained through the use of the Toolbox.

3. Installation of the CONTSID toolbox is carried out at the user's own risk and neither the authors nor University of Lorraine accept any responsibility in the unlikely event of installation resulting in detrimental effects to the user's computer hardware or software.

4. The user may not redistribute the Toolbox to any third party.

5. Ownership of the Toolbox is retained by the authors.

6. If you want to use the CONTSID toolbox for commercial/industrial projects, an additional agreement with the CRAN group must be made.